Are Your CCTV Surveillance Systems Protected from Hackers? 4 Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Technology has greatly improved in the security sector. For instance, you can now install a wireless surveillance system on your premises and use an internet connection to view the feeds remotely. However, connecting your cameras to the internet exposes you to the risk of getting hacked. That is why you should learn how to protect your security camera from cybercriminals before installing them. Here are a few ways to keep your surveillance system feeds protected.

1. Buy from a Trusted Source

The economy is tough, and everything seems to be too pricey. For this reason, business owners are searching for ways to reduce expenses. But if there is one time when you should be more concerned about the quality than the price, it's is when buying CCTV surveillance systems. 

Buying a cheap quality from unreliable sources could lead to you getting cameras with poor hardware and one that is easy to manipulate. So, if you want a security camera that will not be vulnerable to hackers, buy a trusted brand from an authorized supplier.

2. Get One That Uses Encryption

When buying a security camera, get the one that encrypts the footage before sending it to the internet. Encryption helps ensure that even if the footage falls into the wrong hands, it will not be easy for the hackers to view. That feature is essential as it helps hide your surveillance system feeds from prying eyes.

3. Install a Password and 2-Factor Authentication

Passwords are essentials and the first line of defense when preventing access to your security devices and systems. Therefore, set a strong password and don't share it with anyone you do not trust. 

In addition, you need to set up two-factor authentication, where you will have to sign up on two different devices before you can access footage from your CCTV surveillance systems. Moreover, secure your email and social media accounts since hackers can use them to get into your security system. 

4. Avoid Using a Public Network to View Your Feeds

The purpose of a wireless camera in your office is to ensure you can access the feeds remotely. But sometimes, getting the live streams will do you more harm than good, especially if you access the videos with public networks. Hackers can gain easy access to crucial details since public networks don't have a strong firewall. So, using these networks makes it easy for hackers to access your feeds.

CCTV surveillance systems are a significant investment for your business, and you need to ensure they are safe. For this reason, it is vital to hire a reliable company to install the cameras for you. A trusted CCTV installation company will ensure that you get the best systems and take measures to protect the system from hackers.

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