Worried About Porch Pirates? 4 Smart Ways To Protect Your Home

If you were the victim of porch piracy this holiday season, you know how unnerving it is to have packages stolen right off your own front porch. The last thing you want to do is have a repeat of the same thievery next year. Luckily, if you take preventative measures now, your shipments will be safe and secure next year. Not only that, but if you plan on getting shipments delivered to your home throughout the year, those will be protected against porch piracy as well. Here are four preventative measures you can take to protect your home, and your packages, from porch piracy.

Install a Home Surveillance System

Porch piracy doesn't just deprive you of your packages; it also deprives you of your security. If you've fallen victim to this dishonest practice, it's time to have a home surveillance system installed in your home. Smart home automation systems will allow you to link your smart phone with your home security system. When someone approaches your home, your phone will be notified, and you'll be able to see who's approaching your home. With some systems, you'll also be able to speak to the person who's approaching, which will scare those porch pirates right off your porch.

Install a Locked Shipment Station

If you know that you're going to be receiving packages, one of the best things you can do is install a locked shipment station. Packages can be placed into the container, where they will remain safely locked away until you can come home to retrieve them. One of the benefits of this type of setup is that it can be used throughout the year, and not just during the holidays.

Go Beyond Decorative Gates

If you've got a front porch, and it's got a decorative gate around it, it's time to go beyond the decor. It's time to go with an upgraded, ornamental wrought-iron enclosed patio area. While you're having the patio enclosure designed, you can have them include a separate section that can be opened to place packages inside, but that will lock tight once the packages are safely inside. One of the benefits of this type of patio enclosure is that your locksmith can secure it with heavy-duty deadbolts, which will also provide you and your family with upgraded security.

Choose an Alternative Drop-Off Location

If you know that you're going to be gone when you're expecting packages, but you haven't had time to provide additional security for your home, the best thing you can do is choose an alternative drop-off location. Choose a neighbor who you know will be home, or designate a will-call delivery option. With a will-call delivery option, your packages will be left at the post office or shipping office, and you can pick them up when you're back in town.