What Are The Steps To Install A Fire Sprinkler System?

While there are many types of viable fire suppression systems, a sprinkler system can be an affordable and comprehensive way to provide fire security. If your home doesn't have a fire sprinkler system or if there is inadequate coverage, know that there are several steps that you and your fire suppression systems technician will need to go through to install a great sprinkler system. Here are the basic steps you'll need to take.

Choosing the Right Sprinklers

The first step in designing the perfect custom sprinkler system is to have your technician help you choose the right fire suppression systems based on the water pressure in your home. Different types of sprinkler heads have a higher or lower output, but they are dependent on your home's water pressure to operate correctly. If you are unsure of your water pressure statistics, you or an inspector should use a gauge attached to one of your home's water spigots to determine the maximum output.  

Deciding the Layout

Once you have chosen the style of sprinklers that your home will use, it's time to design the sprinkler layout for each room. There are many factors to choosing the right sprinkler layout. Your technician will take care of hydraulic testing to make sure that the chosen sprinklers are spread correctly to ensure the maximum water coverage. You may also wish to group fire sprinklers together more closely in risk-prone areas, such as over the kitchen stove. 

Placing the Plumbing for the Sprinklers

Next, before your sprinklers are installed, a team will install the steel piping that will run along your floors and ceilings. This is to make sure there are no problems with your design's layout; if the team uncovers some obstructions or problems in placing the pipes, then it will be back to the drawing board.

Sprinklers are Added and Possibly Tested

The next thing that happens is your sprinklers are configured and activated. If you have a central alert system for your sprinklers, then this system will be booted during this final installation phase. If you can, it's a good idea to test the sprinklers to make sure they are installed correctly. You may choose to do a spot test in certain areas, or look for vinyl covering to prevent damage to floors and furniture while testing. 

In summary, the fire sprinkler installation process is broken up into many parts to ensure that the job is done thoroughly and correctly. Talk to a company like Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Company to help you get the job done right. By doing a thorough job of installing new sprinklers, the installation team can help you feel like you now have a long-lasting solution for fire safety.