4 Ways To Make Your Home More Secure This Spring

If you are worried about the security of your home this year during spring cleaning, make sure that you also focus on increasing the security of your home. Here are a few simple things that you can do to increase the security of your home this spring. 

#1 Change Your Locks

If you have the same locks on your home that the previous owners, renters or even old roommates may have the lock too, you need to change your locks this spring. 

You can purchase new self-keying locks from your local home improvement store. You will need a screwdriver in order to remove the screws holding your current locks in place. Once you loosen the screws, you should be able to pull out the old locks and put the new locks in place. Follow the directions on the box to create the keys for new locks. Or, you can call a locksmith to change them out for you.

#2 Upgrade Your Locks

While you are changing out your locks, you should also upgrade them. If you don't have deadbolts on all of your doors, see if you can have them installed. Deadbolts are a lot harder to break through than ordinary spring latch locks, and require additional effort on the part of anyone trying to gain access into your home.

If you install deadbolts, make sure that you leave as little space as possible between the door and the frame. The less space between the door and the frame, the more difficult it would be for an intruder to break your deadbolt. 

#3 Check Your Window Locks

Remember, your doors are not the only way someone can get into your home. Check all of your windows and make sure that they actually lock properly. Often times, windows can get off track and fail to line up with the locks. When this happens, you need to adjust the window pane so that it lines up with the lock. 

You can also upgrade the locks on your window. For double-hung windows, you can have a folding lock installed so only one side can be opened at a time. Or you can have a keyed lock installed so a key has to be used to open the window. 

For sliding windows, you can purchase a key lock that clips in place and requires a key in order to slide the window open. You can also install a clip on screw lock, that screws in place from the inside and prevents your window from being forced open. Or, you can use a dowel to ensure that your windows are not slide open without your permission.

#4 Install A Security System

Finally, you can make your home even more secure by hiring a security system installation company. In order to protect all entrances to your home, make sure that the sensors are put on all your windows and doors and are connected to your security system. 

That way, if your locks fail you, you will be immediately notified that the premise of your home has been breached. To additionally increase your security, sign up for a monitored security system. That way, if your alarm goes up, your security company will follow through to make sure everything is alright and call the police if necessary. 

By changing out your door locks, and increasing the strength of the locks on your doors and windows, you should be able to greatly increase your security this spring. Don't forget to also install a security system as well, that way you are completely covered.