A Few Things You Need To Know About Wireless Surveillance Cameras

There are many myths and misconceptions about how wireless surveillance cameras work.  Learning the truth behind how wireless security cameras work will help you make smart security decisions. Here are three things that you need to know about how wireless security cameras operate. 

There Is Really No Such Thing As A Wireless Camera

When people hear the term "wireless security camera" they assume that the camera does not have any wires. However, this is a misconception. In fact, your camera has wires to stay powered up and on. 

The wireless part of the name refers to the transmission of video date from your surveillance cameras to your command center where you watch the feed. That information is transmitted through a wireless signal. The video feed is not sent through the wires to your main command or viewing center.

Your camera does need a power source in order to operate, so make sure that you set it up near a power source. 

Batteries & Solar Power Generally Don't Cut It

Many people assume that wireless cameras don't need a power source. However, wireless cameras use a significant amount of power in order to transmit the video signal. Batteries will not be enough to keep your camera going. 

Although solar power could technically keep your camera running, purchasing a solar kit can be extremely expensive. The best way to power your wireless security camera is through a secured, and wired connection to a power outlet. 

Wireless Signals Vary

Many people assume that a wireless signal has a very long range. However, the environment plays a big role in how effective a wireless signal from a security camera is. Buildings, trees, power lines, traffic signals and metal objects can all interfere with your camera's ability to transmit a clear signal to your command signal. 

It is vital that you test out the signal strength before you install any wireless cameras for security purposes. Don't assume that because the camera is set up within the stated range that it will be able to actually transmit a signal all the way back to your command center. Many elements can interfere with wireless signals; it is not a flawless system.

Wireless security cameras can provide you with great video feed if set up correctly. However, it is important that you remember that wireless security cameras need a source of power and wireless signals can be affected by a variety of environmental factors. Contact a business, such as Murrell Burglar Alarms, for more information.