Security Measures That Will Help Keep Your Small Business And Employees Protected From Theft

If you own a small business in a town that often encounters random burglaries, the following ideas will help keep your business protected. Practice utilizing each method with your employees so that everyone stands a better chance of remaining safe if ever faced with an unsavory character who attempts to hold your business up or steal merchandise. 

Security Devices

Hire a locksmith to install a locking system on the door to your business that requires a key card or pass code. Provide a copy of the card or code to each of your employees and lanyards that they can attach them to so that they are not easily misplaced.

If you spend weekends or extended holidays away from your business, opt to have a motion detector and alarm security system installed so that you can keep an eye on the building from wherever you are. Use these systems while your business is open, as well, so that suspicious behavior is recorded. If someone enters the building who poses a threat, authorities will be notified quickly so that assistance is provided to you and your employees. 

Safety Plan

Devise a safety plan and go over it each month with your employees so that they are better prepared during an emergency situation. Include information in the plan that instructs your employees to refrain from entering the building if they notice any sign of forced entry, such as broken glass or a damaged door frame. Request that they call you or the police to report suspicious circumstances.

Assign a code word to be used if anyone enters the business who seems as if they may be scoping out the premises or attempting to steal merchandise. This word can be announced over a loud-speaker or 2-way radio in order to inform you or a shift leader of the possibility of theft. As a result, the situation can be monitored and a decision can be made regarding emergency assistance.

Self-Defense Classes

Hire an instructor who teaches self-defense and have them come to your establishment to educate you and your employees. If anyone is ever apprehended by an intruder, knowing some moves that are designed to protect can come in useful and prevent you or an employee from becoming seriously injured. Refresh each lesson that was taught by practicing some of the self-defense moves with your employees at random times throughout the year.

If you feel as if your employees are responsible enough, consider purchasing a couple bottles of pepper spray. Place the spray in areas that are easily accessible and emphasize that they are only to be used if an emergency occurs. 

Practice using all of the methods with your employees regularly in order to increase the odds of keeping everyone safe and to decrease the chance of theft occurring.