Be On The Alert For Operational Problems With An Alarm System

An alarm system cannot go off if a burglar never attempts to break into a home. Years and years of silence from an alarm system is a good thing in the sense no dangerous intrusion attempts occurred. The quietness of an alarm that is never tripped does come with a concern. A serious defect may exist in the alarm system and that defect could go unnoticed. Worse yet, a burglar might go undetected after targeting your home for intrusion. To make sure the alarm system is always functioning properly, perform spot checks for defects and be on the alert for potential problems.

Check Out the Keypad

When inspecting an alarm system, the keypad is frequently taken for granted. Since the design of a keypad is so simple, few worry about malfunctions even though daily punching on the pad can wear the device down. A worn out keypad is trouble because, unless you are able to key in the code, the alarm stays off. A common sign of keypad woes is being forced to push the same button several times to register inputs. This bad sign indicates the particular button is wearing out.

Also, check to make sure the on/off indicator switches on immediately. The light should go from red (off) to green (on) immediately. Any delays, unusual pauses, or flickering could indicate a circuitry problem.

Beware of Water Damage to the Alarm

The actual alarm siren is affixed to a wall and out of harm's way. Or, so is commonly assumed. No one really knows what is going on behind the wall the siren is affixed. Look very closely for signs of something being amiss such as peeling or discolored paint or warping. Perhaps a minor plumbing leak is manifesting behind the wall. All that moisture could end up ruining the alarm system. Upon suspecting water damage, have an alarm technician, like Security by Private Eyes, perform a house call to determine if the unit has suffered damage.

Be on the Alert for Electrical Issues

An alarm and its corresponding components cannot work without a sufficient flow of electricity. Do lights flicker in the home or does the television go on after a delayed reaction? Never assume electrical problems are minor and won't get worse. Absolutely do not assume electrical woes aren't affecting the alarm system. Have an electrician check out the fuses and wiring to make sure all electrical devices in the home are getting enough juice.